Monday, June 29, 2009

Planes, Trains, or Automobiles

After deciding on a travel spot, many travelers start to think about their finances and realize that transportation is one of the most expensive portions of the trip. What form of transportation should you use to get to your destination? Is there any one form of transportation that is absolutely perfect? How can I get the most enjoyment out of my travel experience?

The answers to these questions have more to do with personal preference rather than objective statistics. Granted, I would not recommend driving your car across the Atlantic to vacation in Europe, but in most situations it is based on the area, distance, and personal preference. Do you prefer spending as much time as possible at your destination or do you want to save money by taking your time? Do you want to enjoy the scenery while you travel or do you plan on napping throughout the trip?

If you want to spend as much time at your destination as possible, and you do not mind spending hundreds of dollars, then the best choice to take is an airplane. This choice is especially beneficial for those individuals who plan on traveling long distances or over large bodies of water. While you may not be able to see as much of the scenery through the clouds, watching the sunset from your window while in the air is quite beautiful.

What if you want to save money but you do not want to spend hours driving in a car? Then you can decide on whether you want to take a bus or a train to your destination. If you are more worried about comfort, then you might want to consider taking the train. However, if you are more worried about saving a few more dollars then you should consider taking a bus.

How about those individuals who want to have complete control of their travel? Do you want to be able to pull over and stop at interesting locations? Then car travel may be more beneficial for you. Traveling by car is mostly limited to land travel, but for those who only want to travel around the continent without going overseas it could be a cost-saving way to travel. Make sure you take plenty of breaks to avoid driving fatigue.

Whether you travel by plane, train, bus, or automobile; make sure you take some time to relax and enjoy the ride. Take some time to think about the pros and cons of each situation before making a final decision. Also, look into other travel options such as taking a bicycle or motorcycle, a boat or cruise, horseback, zipline, etc. After all, sometimes the journey can be as fun and exciting as the destination.

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