Monday, June 22, 2009

Yes, You Can Travel!

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How many of you have seen pictures of beautiful beaches or snow-covered mountain tops and wished that you could transport yourself into the picture? Do you look at your friend and wonder how he/she could visit such interesting countries during this rough economic time? Is it really fair for rich people to enjoy seeing Tuscany at sunset or Paris at night? What is stopping you from going out there and joining the thousands of travelers who enjoy these sights each year?

Many individuals claim that they cannot travel because of financial problems. If that is true, then why do people from other countries whose currencies are equal or lower than American currency travel more than Americans? It is not because they are rich. It is because they know how to travel without spending tons of money on a four-star hotel or expensive restaurants.

As Americans, we are taught very little about traveling in terms of saving money and experiencing a culture. We are bombarded with images of fancy dinners, luxurious spas, and ocean-view rooms. How can any of us afford such a lifestyle when we are going to college, paying off student loans, or getting ready to retire? That type of traveling would be unlikely, but there is another side to traveling that very few Americans experience. This type of traveling is often referred to as "backpacking", but the truth is that there is a less expensive way to experience the wonders of our world.

Here at The Backpacker's Bungalow, you can sit down and know that your dreams of travel are not just wishful thinking. There are ways that you can use to save money, find deals, and travel smarter. The bungalow also houses tips for new travelers since less than a third of all Americans own a passport. So, stay tuned and watch for more information to help you with your travel goals.

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